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British Commonwealth


Unit Commander: Ed Godi

Unit Formed: 2009

Members: Missouri

Vehicles: None Reported

Unit Commander: Terry Johns

Unit Formed: 1976

Members In: Missouri, Illinois

3 Jeeps
Dingo armored Scout Car and a
Canadian C30 Lorry

Unit Commander: Michael Yankoski

Unit Formed: 2004

Members In: Michigan and Indiana



Unit Commander: Rick Henson
Unit Formed:

Members In: Indiana, Illinois

Vehicles: none

41 Cmdo2.jpg (14502 bytes)

  • No. 41 Commando, Royal Marines

Unit Commander: Brian Jones

Unit Formed:?

Members In: Wisconsin


10 Comdo.jpg (10772 bytes)
  • No. 10 Commando

Unit Commander: Carl A. Bogar, Jr

Unit Formed: 2003

Members In: Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois

Vehicles: 1 Jeep

Unit Commander: Charlie Gallagher

Unit Formed: 2010

Members In: Illinois, Indiana


  • R.A.F. 11 Group

Unit Commander: Chip Buerger

Unit Formed: 2006

Members In: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Vehicles: None at this time


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