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Board of Directors
When calling Board members, please call during normal hours.

  Jon Stevens, 9th Infantry Division

 Vice President

 Charles Bolanis III, 10th SS "Frundsberg"   


  Ronald J Kapustka, C Company, 502nd PIR, 101st Airborne

  Wayne McCulley, 9th Infantry Division

 Allied Representative
 Corey Vaughn

 Commonwealth Representative

  Brian Jones, No. 41 Commando, Royal Marines

 Axis Representative

  Dave Fornell, 353rd Infanterie

Volunteer Staff

 Business Manager
  David Jameson

 Event Development Team
  Rich Russo

Current VehicleList

 Membership Coordinator
  Craig Dvorak, 2nd Marines

 WWII HRS Press Corps.
  Jeff Skender - Editor

 Vehicle Coordinator
  Jim Schouten, 90th INf

  John Olsen , 9th Infantry Division

Safety & Authenticity Committee
Committee Members
Andrew Garrison  Kris Kissinger 
Brian Jones  Kyle Phillips 
Charles Bolanis III  Logan King 
Chris Adams  Matt Rademacher 
Courtney Stark Matthew Iverson 
Dave Fornell  Nicole Fornell 
David Overschmidt  Richard Sobczak 
David Serikaku  Rob Leinweber 
Frank DeBartolo  Ron Kapustka 
Jacqueline Dethloff  Scott Bacon 
Jeff Lesser  Sean Loughran 
Jarrett Gardner Tim Scherrer 
Jessica Jaeger  Tyler Stevens 
Jonathan Stevens  Wayne McCulley 
Kevin Jones  -  

Vehicle Committee
Current VehicleList
Committee Members

Unit Commander's Committee
Committee Members

Legislative Committee
Committee Members

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