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About Us


The World War Two Historical Re-enactment Society is an organization of over 1200 men and women members from coast to coast, as well as Canada and Europe. Our mission is to bring the history of World War Two to life with public displays, simulated battles, participation in parades, and a variety of other community activities.

The society strives to honor and preserve the memory of those who served in World War Two, as well as preserve the artifacts of that period.

Our members carry out a wide range of historical impressions, including those of The United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, Poland, and Germany.

Our focus is entirely on the military history of World War Two. We have no sympathy for the ideology of nazism or fascism. Such beliefs are not welcome here.

If this exciting and rewarding hobby appeals to you, please consider joining us. Our hobby is dependent upon the talents and enthusiasm of its members and there is always room for new interest! Please contact any of our board members today for more information.

Attention Educators!

   The WWII H.R.S. Inc., can offer educators an opportunity to introduce historic interpreters into the classroom. Our members are always interested in helping their communities to bring history to life for students and the public.  Our members do not charge for their services although they usually accept donations for their travel expenses or maintenance on their historic vehicles.


   **Note** Weapons are often part of displays. These can be deactivated and made safe for displays, or can be omitted at the request of the educator.  Please make sure that the school is aware of displays that may include firearms or edged weapons.  If there are legal issues, please inform the member beforehand so they can be omitted from the display.


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