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American Units


Unit Commander: Rodney Davis

Unit Formed: 2009

Members In: Indiana
Vehicles: 1945 Stinson L5 plane, 1942 Willys MB

2nd Marine Division

Unit Commander: Alexander M. Soteris

Unit Formed: 2020

Members In: Illinois, Indiana

Unit Commander: Matthew Pylant
Unit Co-Comander: Craig Dvorak

Unit Formed: February, 2009
Members In: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan

2nd Armored Division

Unit Commanders: Dane Lengerman & John O'Donnell
Unit formed: 2014

Members in: Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota


  • 82nd Armored Recon Battalion, 2nd Armored Division, Able Company

Unit Commander: Pete Wach

Unit Formed: 2023

Members In: Illinois, Wisconsin
                  4 Jeeps
1 Duece and a half
                  1 G506

  • 82nd Recon Bn, 2nd Armored Division

Unit Commander: Randall Lamers

Unit Formed: 2006

Members In: Wisconsin

                  2 Jeeps
                  2 M29 Weasel
                  M3 Halftrack

3rd Armored Division

 Unit Commander: Alan T. Jones
 Unit Formed: 2012

 Members In: WI, IL, IN, KY, OH, TN

 Jeep (2)
 WLA Motorcycle

4th Armored Division

Unit Commander:John Lind

Unit formed: 2007

Members in: MI

Vehicles: (2) 1941 White M3 Scout Cars, 1942 WLC Harley Davidson, (2) 1942 Willy's MB Jeeps, 1943 Willy's MB Jeep, 1943 Ford M 20 Armored Car, (2) 1943 GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton truck, 1944 Willy's MB Jeep, 1944 Ford M 20 Armored Car, (2) 1945 GPW Jeeps


70f18.jpg (10570 bytes)

 Unit Commander: Charles C. Roberts, Jr.

 Unit Formed: 1990, Chartered in 1998

 Members In: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana


  • 37 MM Anti-Tank Gun

  • 40 MM Bofors Towed AA Gun
  • 75MM Pak Howitzer

  • Buick Staff Car

  • Columbia Bicycle

  • Higgins Boat
  • M5A1 Light Tank "Stuart"
  • M7 Snow Tractor
  • M8 "Greyhound" Armored Car

  • M3 75mm Gun Motor Carriage

  • M22 "Locust" light tank

  • M29 Weasel

  • Plymouth Staff Car

  • Quadmount .50 cal

  • T16 Carrier
  • WC 51 Weapons Carrier

  • WC 55 M6 Gun Motor Carriage

  • Willys MB Jeep

1st Infantry Division
  • Co. C, 26th Inf Regt ,1st Infantry Division

Unit Commander: Sherman Day

Unit Formed: 2008

Members In: MI, IN
One Jeep

First Airborne Brigade

Unit Commander: Eric Krelle

Members In: NE

Unit Formed:: 2017

First Airborne Task Force

Unit Commander: Russell Gordon

Members In: IN, IL, MI

Unit Formed: 2017

First Special Service Force

Unit Commander: Gary Adkins

Unit Formed: 2007

Members In: MO, IL, TN, GA, TX, MA

Vehicles: 4 jeeps

 2nd Infantry Division
3rd Infantry Division
  • 3rd Infantry Division, B/1-15/3ID (US) Can Do!!

Unit Commander Rey Ramirez
Co/Commander Carlos Ramirez
Unit Fformed 2009
Vehicles List:
a. 1 each GPW 1942 (operational)
b. 1 each MB 1943 (operational)
c. 1 each GPW 1943 (operational)
d. 1 each Willys MB 1943 (in restoration)
e. 1 each Willys MB 1945 (operational)
f. 1 each 1942 GMC CCKW-353 21/2-Ton 6x6 Cargo truck (operational)
g. 1 each 1943 GMC CCKW-353 21/2-Ton 6x6 Cargo truck (operational)
h. 1 each 1944 GMC CCKW-353 21/2-Ton 6x6 Cargo truck (restoration)
i. 1 each 1942 WHITE M-2 Half-track personnel carrier (operational)
j. 1 each 1942 WHITE M-2 Half-Track personnel carrier (restoration)
k. 2 each 1942 WC-54 3/4-Ton Ambulance (in restoration)
l. 1 each 1944 WC-18 Ambulance (operational)
m. 1 each 1944 G506 Chevrolet 1.5 ton (operational)
n. 1 each 1942 G506 Chevrolet 1.5 ton (restoration)
o. 1 each 1942 CCW-353 (restoration)

 Unit Commander: Robert Michalski
  Unit Formed: 1996

 Members In:  Wisconsin

 Vehicles:  None

4th Infantry Division
  • 4th Infantry Div, 8th Inf Rgt, 1st Bn, Dog Co.

Unit Commander: Bradley Buddenhagen

Unit formed: 2007

Members in: Wisconsin

Vehicles: 1 1945 dodge WC-51

  5th Rangers

Unit Commander: Sean Dobbs
Unit Co-Commander: Aaron Masters

Unit formed: 1998

Members in: Michigan

Vehicles: 3 Jeeps

9th Infantry Division

Unit Commander: Jon Stevens
Unit Co-Commander: Dave Jeglum

Unit formed: September 1997

Members in: IL, IN, WI, MI

Vehicles: 9 jeeps, WC-51, WC-52

10th Mountain Division

Unit Commander: Phil Lauricella

Unit formed: 2012 (existed since 2005)

Members in: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Ohio

uspatch_29thID.jpg (15837 bytes) 29th Infantry Division

Unit Commander: Frank Bartolo

Unit formed: 2017

Members in: IL, IN, WI


Unit Commander: Travis Forrest
Unit Contact: Peter Williams

Unit formed: 2008

Members in: Missouri

Vehicles: 1 Jeep
              3 Bicycles

 30th Infantry Division




 Unit Commander: Warren Klein

 Unit Formed: 1993

 Members In: MN, IA, ND & WI


  • M-4 Sherman

  • White Scout Car

  • 1 - 3/4 Ton WCs

  • 2  Jeeps.

  • 117th Infantry Regiment 1st Bn, B Co.

 Unit Commander: Tim Scobie

 Unit Formed: Feb, 2009

 Members In: WI


  • '41 M3 Halftrack

  • '42 GPW

  • '42 G7107 (1½ Ton Chevy)

  • '45 G502 Dodge (WC-51)

  • M10 ammo trailer

  • ¼ ton MBT Trailer

 Unit Commander: Philip Owens

 Unit Formed: 2001

 Members In: Iowa, Minnesota & Wisconsin

 Vehicles: 1943 Willys MB Jeep

 32nd Infantry Division

 Unit Commander: Chris Kissinger

 Unit Formed: February 2009

 Members In: Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa

 Vehicles: None reported

 34th Infantry Division

Unit Commander: David Serikaku

Unit Formed: 1982

Members in : Illinois

Vehicles: 1 Aeronca L-3C Grasshopper Laison Aircraft
              1 1943 MB jeep and trailer
              1942 WC-54 Dodge 3/4 ton Ambulance
              2 Columbia bicycles

35th Infantry Division

  Unit Commander: Dave Hruska

   Unit Formed: 2001

   Members in: Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, & OK

   Vehicles: None reported at this time

45th Infantry Division
  82nd Airborne Division

Unit Commander: Anthony Noce
Unit Co-Commander: Robert Tomlinson

Unit Formed: 2012

Members In: MO,KY,IL,OH

Vehicles: 1945 Willys Jeep.

Unit Commander: Joseph Borucki
Unit Co-Commander: Scott Gerlach

Unit Formed: 2007

Members In: Illinois,Indiana

Vehicles: None at this time.

 Unit Commander: Wayne Schemmer

 Unit Formed:  1976

 Members In:  8 states and overseas


  • 4- Jeeps

  • 1- 3/4 ton weapons carrier

  • 1- 3/4 ton command car

  • 1- 1 ton trailer

  • 2- 1/4 ton jeep trailers

  • 1- 75mm pack howitzer

 Unit Commander: Bill Sheets

 Unit Formed: 2006 (HRS)

 Members In:  Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois


5 Jeeps
2 2 1/2 ton GM  trucks

2 GMC trucks

1 Dodge WC

84th Infantry Division

 Unit Commander: Bear Whitworth

 Unit Formed: 2002

 Members In: Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Illinois


  • 12 - Ford and Willys jeeps

  • 3 - Dodge WC-51/52

  • 1 - Chevy 1.5 ton truck

  • 3 - Bantam and Willys 1/4 ton trailers

  • 3 - One ton Ben Hur trailers

  • 1 - 37mm M-3 AT Gun

  • 1 - Motorcycle with sidecar

  • 1 - Kubelwagen

90th Infantry Division

Unit Commander: Jim Schouten

Unit Co-Commander: Cary Rodge

Unit Formed: 2004

Members In: Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin

Vehicles: WC-21, Bicycle

101st Airborne Division

 Unit Commander: Robert Blecke

 Unit Formed: 2003, Chartered 2004

 Members in: Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin

 Vehicles: 2 Willys Jeeps 

 Unit Commander: Dennis P. Sullivan

 Unit Formed: 1993

 Members In: Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania

 Vehicles: 6 Jeeps & 1 Weapons carrier

502sm.jpg (1002 bytes)

Unit Commander: Ronald Kapustka

Unit Formed: 2004

Members In: IL, WI, TN, AR

Vehicles: 3 Jeeps

Unit Commander: Eric Cassidy

Members In: MN, WI, SD and ND

Vehicles: 1942 Ford GPW, 1945 bicycle

167th Signal Photographic Company

 Unit Commander: Troy LaFaye

 Unit Formed: 2008

 Members In: lL, WI, MN, NJ, ME, MI, VA, PN

 Vehicles: None

216th Military Police Company
  • 216th Military Police Company

 Unit Commander: Bill Yezo

 Unit Formed: 2007

 Members In:lL, IN

 Vehicles: 1943 Ford GPW
               1943 Harley Davidson WLA

509th Parachute Infantry Battalion

 Unit Commander: Gary Fox

 Unit Formed: 1999

 Members In:lL, IN, and WI

 Vehicles: 1 Half Track,  1 Jeep and 1 Weapons Carrier

Civilian Reenactors

 Unit Commander: Rachael Brown

 Unit Formed: 2014


Red Cross

 Unit Commander: Nicole Fornell
Unit Co-Commander: Julia Fisher

 Unit Formed: 2014

 Members In: lL, IN, WI


United Press

 Unit Commander: Su Miller

 Unit Formed: 2013

 Members In :lL



 Unit Director: Pamela Rowden

 Unit Formed: 2014

 Members In: Indiana , Illinois, Kentucky

 Vehicles: n/a


 Unit Director: Jessica H. Jaeger

 Unit Associate Director: Jacqueline M. Dethloff

 Unit Formed: 2008

 Members In: Wisconsin


Unit Commander: Polly Norman Blanton

Unit Formed: 2011

Members In: IL, IN, WI


 Women's Army Corps

Unit Commander: Melissa Lenczewski

Unit Formed: 2005

Members In: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin

Vehicles: ?

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